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Sampark is a voluntary organisation with a vision to facilitate the organic process of change leading to empowerment and development of marginalised communities.

Founded in 1987, Sampark is making efforts to bring about sustainable changes for better in the lives of tribal community it is working with. The organisation does so through a mix of three strategies - development, reforms and advocacy. During all these years it has touched hearts of thousands of people, solved their problems and evolved leaders from amongst them. It has several achievements to its credit.

Sampark feels that a voluntary organisation must have an active and resourceful citizen base for making a difference. As resources with Sampark are very limited, the role of volunteerism comes in handy. Several volunteers have played important and critical roles in the past in furthering the cause that Sampark espouses for. These volunteers have come from diverse backgrounds. For all of them association with Sampark has been an enriching experience. Samaprk always maintains communication with the volunteers who have contributed to the organisation.

Anyone can volunteer for Sampark. It is indeed immaterial if a prospective volunteer is a student, a teacher, a professional, a social scientist, or a housewife. Education or degree of prospective volunteer is also immaterial. What matters is the presence of the spirit of volunteerism in the person.

Kindly use the form on contacts page to write to us for volunteering, or get in touch with us at our address given on the page.