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Protest Against Genetically Modified Food
‘GM Food Dangerous for Health’
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HT Correspondent
Bhopal, October 16

PEOPLE FROM various parts of the State raised voice of protest against genetically modified food crops in a programme held at NITTTR Auditorium on Tuesday under the aegis of Beej Swaraj Abhiyan and Madhyanchal Forum.

The protest was part of countrywide protests being launched from Delhi, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar and Thiruvananthapuram against GM crops. The participants took out a mock funeral of BT brinjal and performed symbolic last rites. Also a man dressed up as a mouse was put in a cage to signify the use of people of India as guinea pig for experimentations of GM food.

Speaking on the occasion, several participants said that the GM food is being encouraged to benefit the multinational companies supported by USA. Studies have shown GM food to be dangerous for human health and thus several NGOs have been demanding banning of introduction of these crops in country.