Printed Material
  • Gram Kosh formed in 90 villages; villagers have developed their own fund up to Rs 70 lakh
  • Around 6,500 families got registered in the below poverty line (BPL) list
  • About 1,700 families given justice by removing their names from the blacklist of the Irrigation Department of the Government
  • Soil and water conservation treatment undertaken on thousands of acres of land, resulting in increase in productivity
  • Around 300 children were mainstreamed into formal education
  • For the first time, 80 children completed higher secondary level education in the history of 10 villages
  • Increase in awareness regarding education in general and girls' education in particular
  • Parent Teacher Associations have started looking into the affairs of school
  • There is an improvement in the level of active participation of women in Gram Sabha
  • People started accessing schemes like Janani Suraksha Yojana, Public Distribution System and other welfare schemes
  • Reduction in tendency of spending on non-productive social customs/items of expenditure
  • Livelihood promotion initiative in 25 villages supporting 5,000 families
  • About 150 families are using solar energy based equipments
  • Assistance to Madhya Pradesh State Government in formulating alternative policy on livestock management
  • Initiated seed self-sustainability campaign
  • Participation in campaign trying to improve quality of education in Madhya Pradesh