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Names of 6,500 Families Added to BPL List on Gram Sabha Resolution

The 73rd Constitutional Amendment has given constitutional status to the Gram Sabha. Accordingly, no one can reject the resolution passed by the Gram Sabha for public good of the entire village. All the processes have to move upwards from village to state level, so that the state should know the requirements of villages and what villagers wanted for their villages.

Treating Gram Sabha above all, villagers in Petlawad development block were passing resolutions continuously for adding their names to the BPL list. When their names could not be added even after one year, they started raising question on the very relevance of Gram Sabha. The situation worsened so much that they gradually stopped getting resolutions passed from the Gram Sabha.

But all out efforts were made to save relevance of Gram Sabha. Finally, BPL list was published in the Gram Sabhas of January 26, 2008 and names of over 6,500 people were added from Petlawad development block of Jhabua district. When the people saw their names, they got their faith back in Gram Sabha. They realised if they made efforts in right direction, they can still realise the dream of Gram Swaraj by using powers of Gram Sabha.