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Sampark feels that fruits of development cannot reach the weakest and most deprived person of the society unless such people get rid of their bad customs. It also feels that developmental efforts cannot be seen in isolation and for this the government policies need to be changed in favour of the weak and deprived people, necessitating advocacy efforts.

In its pursuit of development, Sampark has created several role models, while assisting various other agencies engaged in developmental work. These role models have in turn become examples for such developmental agencies. It has ensured that benefits of developmental process reach all the sections of the society, particularly the deprived sections.

Sampark works among Bhil tribals. These tribals have also been touched by exposure to rapidly advancing non-tribal society and adopted several practices, which are at variance with their age old traditions, leading them to vicious cycle of persecution. Sampark has carefully studied these changes and found that the tribals need to come out of this vicious cycle for their development. This is the basis of social reforms interventions.

Along with developmental and reforms interventions, Sampark feels that tribal society is intricately linked with a larger social, political and economic framework. A change somewhere in this framework is bound to affect the tribal society as well. In view of this, advocacy is another field of interventions so government and market policies are changed in favour of the poor and the deprived.

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