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Women Lead for Ensuring Quality Education at Government School

Number of private schools added everyday but still the rural people connect and depend upon the government schools for their children education. But the condition of the village schools is deteriorating with every passing day. The teachers are irregular, come to school late, do not teach properly in classes , lurig children for home tutions etc. result of even class V pass students are unable to read and write properly.

Women of Govindpara village decided to change this dismal scenario. They found that the teacher came to the school late, went back early and even during the school time indulged in long telephonic talk. The women signed a resolution in the meeting of self help group and put the same at the school door. The resolution advised the teacher to mend his ways and in case they failed to do so, the women would contact the District Collector for their removal.

Next morning when the teachers read the resolution, the teachers castigated the women. But the women reasoned with the teacher that because of their irregularity and not taking interest in teaching, the children were losing interest in education and were increasingly working as labour and playing aimlessly. They made it clear to the teacher if they did not mend his ways, they would make complain to the Collector.

The teacher understood. They begged pardon of and promised to be regular and started provide quality education to the children. He requested the women not to approach the Collector 

Thus women started taking lead in ensuring their children education at governmnet school. 

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