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Narsing Reaches Class V

Narsing was student of class 4 in EGS school of Ummedpura from village Bhamti. His parents did not understand the importance of education withdraw him from school and sent him to work at nearby hotel in village Sarangi. 

When education campaign was started in village information about school drop out children was collected. On speaking with the school teacher it was found that three girls and two boys including Narsing had stopped attending school. During the second visit to the village the parents of the drop out students were explained of the importance of education. But Narsing's father would not convinced of it. On this occassion the sarpanch told Narsing's father in front of the entire sabha that if he would did not send his child to school, he would not make the job card for him. Now Narsing's father realised that he would have to send his child to school.

After this, Sikhsha Mitra Nandu Garwal went to the Sarangi Hotel where Narsing was working as bonded labour and talk with him. He told Sikhsha Mitra that his father has forced him to drop his studies and work in the hotel. Narsing said that he wanted to study, but how could it possible he did not know? On this occassion Sikhsha Mitra assured the boy that he would convinced his father for his continuation of education for which his father ready nowl. The boy promised that he would not come to work from tomorrow onwards. About 15 days of attending the school, the boy was promoted to Class 5.

The class teacher has appreciated the campaign and the people involved in it. He said that he would hope for similar sort of support in future. The villagers were convinced of making a campaign towards universalisation of education. And it was decided that they would provide complete support towards the campaign. The villagers also said that a regular education campaign could really bring a lot of improvement to the education of children.

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